The Offutt mansion was completed in 1894 as a wedding gift from Casper and Anna Yost to their only daughter

Bertha.  Bertha Yost wed Charles Offutt in 1892 in Omaha.  The Offutt Air Force Base

in Bellevue, Nebraska was named for their son Jarvis,

a pilot killed in World War I.  The home was built by world famous architect

Henry Ives Cobb.  The home is a two and one-half story 17 room mansion located in Omaha's Historic

Gold Coast area.  The mansion features Gothic Revival architecture with a symmetrical facade, steeply pitched

tomato red slate roof and impressive front entrance.  The interior of the mansion is equally impressive with a

'Cuban Mahogany' library with a pink onyx fireplace,  black walnut dining room, and quarter-sawn oak

entry and grand staircase.  The home was built with gas/electric ornate fixtures and wall sconces that still

grace this glorious mansion.

Pictured at left is Charles Offutt.  He was an Omaha attorney until his death in 1898.  He was the youngest Speaker of the House in his home state of Kentucky, a record he still holds today.  He was 26.

This is his wedding portrait taken in 1892.

Pictured at right is Bertha Yost Offutt,.  daughter of Casper and Anna Yost, a prominent Omaha family. Bertha lived in the mansion for over 50 years.  This is her wedding portrait taken in 1892.

                           Charles Lemuel Offutt  1856-1898                                                               Bertha Yost Offutt   1869-1958


Pictured second from the left in the front row is Jarvis Jenness Offutt. (1894-1918)


The Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska is named for Omaha native Jarvis Offutt.  The base was name for him in honor of being the first pilot killed from Nebraska.  He was killed on November 3, 1918 in France during World War I.



Pictured second from the right is Casper Enoch Yost.  Seated in the center is Alexander Graham Bell.  Casper Yost was his partner in the telephone company and was the President and CEO of Northwestern Bell in the midwest for over 30 years until just before his death in 1920.


Pictured at far left is Bertha Yost as a

young girl of eight.

Pictured center is Bertha Yost Offutt at the

turn of the century.

Pictured at far right is Bertha Yost Offutt

at the age of 72.

Mrs. Offutt was referred to by her grandchildren

and close friends as 'Bapa'



Pictured at left are Casper Yost Offutt and Jarvis Jenness Offutt, the two sons of Charles and Bertha Offutt.  Pictured at right is Bertha Yost Offutt with their only daughter Virginia.   Jarvis was killed in action in 1918 in France as a pilot during World War I and Casper lived into his 90's in Omaha.  Most of the existing Offutt family now live on the west coast.




Casper and Anna Yost standing at the front entrance of the mansion.  This photo was taken as they were leaving to attend the opera in 1906.



These photos were taken in the mansion in November of 1916.

The Yost's were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and Anna is wearing her original wedding dress.



Pictured at left is Casper Enoch Yost (1841-1920).

Pictured at right is Anna Jenness Yost (1845-1920).

The Offutt Mansion was given as a wedding gift to Bertha and Charles Offutt, The Yosts only daughter and was completed in 1894 at a cost of $15,000.

Upon Charles death in 1898 the Yosts moved into the mansion with Bertha and family. They lived out their lives here.


This is a postcard from 1906 that showed the 39th Street view to the north from Dodge Street.

The Offutt home is located on the left.  The historic Joslyn Castle is at center,

to the right is farmland.



Photographs are courtesy of Casper Offutt Jr.

Thanks Cap !